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Ever since elementary school, I have been fascinated by electricity. It sparked my desire to be an electrician. My first electrical project was in a fort that I made. At the age of 10, I figured out how to make some lights and switches work with random parts I found in my basement. I went to Henry Abbott Technical High School in Danbury Connecticut and graduated with an electrical degree in 2006. I have been involved with electrical work ever since. My first job was for my father’s construction business. He helped me learn how to do much more than just your average electrician. After completing continuing education, testing, and on-site training, I started my own business.


My love for golden retrievers started as a teenager when my parents first brought home Meghan, a golden retriever puppy. Growing up with a golden retriever, I learned that we have a lot in common. We’re both kind, intuitive, smart, and trustworthy (except for when there’s unattended food left out). Now I have a Golden Retriever named Wilson whom I rescued at the age of five from an unfit home. Wilson loves to come to the job site with me and help me “ruff” in electrical work. 

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